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Foundation – Rite-Cell® Waxed Yellow (Plastic)


Ritecell foundation plastic foundation

Foundation – Rite-Cell® Waxed Yellow (Plastic)


FN-745, FN-720, FN-700, FN-845, FN-820, & FN-800


Rite-Cell® foundations easily slips into your grooved top frame. Beeswax coating, deeper cell depth, and heavy weight plastic makes this an economical option for your hive bodies. Holds up to extracting and wax moths cannot damage. Requires no reinforcement

Use yellow Rite-Cell in your honey supers!

Shallow Honey Super Foundation: Use with 5 5/8″ Shallow Honey Supers Frames and 5 3/8″ Shallow Grooved Top & Bottom Bar Frames.

**Medium Honey Super Foundation size: Use with 6 5/8″ Medium Honey Super and 6 1/4″ Medium Grooved Top & Bottom Bar Frames.

Deep Hive Body Foundation size: Use with 9 5/8″ Deep Hive Bodies and 9 1/8″ Deep Grooved Top & Bottom Bar Frames.

**If you are using medium boxes for brood chambers, we recommend the Black Rite-Cell foundation so that you can see eggs and developing larvae better with the contrasting colors.

Additional information

Foundation Size & Count

4-3/4" Shallow 8 Pack, 4-3/4" Shallow 10 Pack, 5-5/8" Medium 8 Pack, 5-5/8" Medium 10 Pack, 8-1/2" Deep 8 Pack, 8-1/2" Deep 10 Pack, 4-3/4" Shallow 100 CNT Box, 5-5/8" Medium 100 CNT Box, 8-1/2" Deep 100 CNT Box


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