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Frames Grooved Top & Bottom Bars (Unassembled)


fr801 grooved top and grooved bottom frame

Frames Grooved Top & Bottom Bars (Unassembled)


FR-816, FR-811, FR-801, FR-817, FR-812, & FR-802


Unassembled wooden frames. Use with our Waxed Ritecell® Foundation (sold separately). Our frames are made with high precision cuts and milling. Nails not included. Standard outside dimensions – works with all uncapppers. Fits all standard foundation sizes. The bottom bar is 33% thicker. Full 1/2″ (1.27 cm) thick bottom bar. Less burr comb and fewer blowouts! Unparalleled fit!

Shallow Honey size: 5 3/8″ Frames for use with 5 5/8″ Shallow Honey Supers and 4 3/4″ Yellow Waxed Rite-cell® Foundation.

Medium Honey Super size: 6 1/4″ Frames for use with 6 5/8″ Medium Honey Supers and 5 5/8″ Yellow Waxed Rite-cell® Foundation.

Deep Hive Body size: 9 1/8″ Frames for use with 9 5/8″ Deep Hive Bodies and 8 1/2″ Black Waxed Rite-cell® Foundation.

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Frame Size & Count

8 Pack Shallow, 8 Pack Medium, 8 Pack Deep, 10 Pack Shallow, 10 Pack Medium, 10 Pack Deep, 100 CNT Box Shallow, 100 CNT Box Medium, 100 CNT Box Deep


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