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Package Bees – 3 lb. Italian


Package Bees – 3 lb. Italian


2018 Package Bees



Purchase 5 or more Packages to receive packages at $115.00 each (full payment required at time of order).

We have found a NEW supplier for the 2018 though they are not new to the industry. We will be sourcing those darn Georgia bees from a trusted and reliable apiary for three different pickup dates: Late March (estimated March 23) and Late April (estimated April 27).

The 3lbs Package contained approximately 10,000 to 12,000 loose bees with one caged Queen in the standard wooden package.

For local pick up only. These dates are subject to change outside of the Scottsville Supply Company’s control; however, we will update you if as soon as we receive any notification of a change.

The pick up location is the Scottsville Farmer’s Market Pavilion (125 Fleet Street, Scottsville VA, 24590). Hours of pickup will be approximately 7:30am until 7:30pm.

*All sales for Package Bees are final and not eligible for refunds due to limited availability of packages each year. If you fail to pick up your package(s) on package pick up date, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. Due to the limited life expectancy of the bees within a package, we will consider the packages forfeited if not picked up by the close of business the day after package pick up day. A small percentage of queens arrive dead for various reasons – you must notify us with 24 hours of pickup for a replacement queen if yours is dead in her cage. We will not hand out a package with more than one inch of dead bees in the package. Transport home is your responsibility.

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Pick Up Date

Late March, 5+ Bulk (Late March), Late April, 5+ Bulk (Late April), Single (May), 5+ Bulk (May)