Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS)

DC-630, DC-635, & DC-636

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Mite Away Quick Strips is a formic acid-based varroa mite treatment. The gel strips are applied a single application of two strips as a full dose. Safe to use with honey supers during the nectar flow.

Formic acid is a very common acid in the environment and is part of many foods and drinks, such as coffee and honey!

The formic acid molecule is small enough in structure to safely and effectively penetrate the Honey bee brood cap.

The treatment period is 7 days. Outside daytime temperature highs should be between 50-85°F.

MAQS is:

  • Reliable – No mite resistance to Formic Acid has been observed
  • Residue Free – Formic Acid evaporates within the 7 day treatment window
  • Environmentally friendly and compostable

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2 Dose Pack, 10 Dose Pack, 30 Dose Pack