Drone Frame (Green)

PF-300, PF-306, PF-315, PF-320, PF-326, and PF-327

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This one-piece plastic frame and foundation has a larger cell pattern which encourages the bees to make drone comb.

As part of your Integrated Pest Management program for varroa mites, insert one drone frame into each hive. When the bees have capped the cells, place the frame in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Remove the frame from the freezer and let it warm to room temperature. Drag your capping scratcher across the cells, breaking them open, then place the frame back in the hive for the worker bees to clean out the dead drones and mites. Repeat the cycle as the bees refill and cap the cells.

Or use for honey productions as your bees drawn larger cells, they will hold more honey per cell, especially when you use a Spacing Tool to move from 10 frames to 9 or from 8 frames to 7.

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