Calendula Tea Tree Soap


All-Natural Shea Butter Soap

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Anti-bacterial. Anti-fungal. Medicinal.

Olive oil gently infused with the healing properties of the beautiful Calendula Flower. Golden strands of flower give this soap it’s visual delight. A proprietary blend of Tea Tree, Lavender and other essential oils contribute to the healing and nourishing qualities. However, some of us just love the smell of Tea Tree.


Saponified, Organic oils of Sunflower, Coconut, Sustainable Palm, Olive. Unrefined Ghana Beige Shea Butter. Castor Oil. Pure Essential Oils. Infused Calendula Flowers.


Rich, nourishing organic, vegetable oils. Natural herbs, grains and clays. Pure essential oils. Biodegradable. Vegetarian. Long-lasting. Billowy clouds of lather. Step up to the goodness and richness of what hand crafted soap is all about. Your skin will thank you.

No synthetic fragrance. No flashy mineral pigments. No Synthetic Anything.

Alchemy of Sol uses oils of Organic Olive, Organic Sunflower, Organic Coconut, Organic and Sustainable Palm, Castor and Unrefined Ghana Beige Shea Butter. Dry, problem skin will appreciate the relief. Our colors are naturally derived from the goodness of the earth. Herbs, grains and clays. Alchemy of Sol uses organic additives where possible.

Alchemy of Sol uses a method known as cold-process. This method takes longer to produce a bar of soap, due to curing time, but is far gentler on our quality ingredients. Our soap is poured in 50lb. blocks, taking 1-2 days to set up. Unmolding the block is a thing of beauty. The soap block is cut in to logs and in to bars. The bars are then stacked to cure, resulting in a hard, long-lasting bar of rich, satisfying soap.

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