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Beginner Beekeeping Class


Beginner Beekeeping Class


Join us for a 3-hour session on how to start your colony in 2017 or get a refresher if you are still new to the hobby and need a little help!


Been thinking about keeping bees for years? Don’t know where to start? Come to our beginner class, so we can teach you the basics of beekeeping!

This beginner class will focus primarily on four topics to help get you started and manage your bees:

  1. What is a HoneyBee? The Queen, the Worker, and the Drone.
  2. Equipment & Inspections
  3. Your First Year in Your Apiary
  4. Pest Management

Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th Edition, is included with the class.

Class runs 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Our class is held in cooperation with the Town of Scottsville. We conduct the workshops on the 2nd floor of Victory Hall in the Town Council Chamber, which located at 401 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA 24590. There are no live bees at this course.

If you are registering for two seats in a single class at the time of checkout (i.e., spouses/couples/friends that will be attending the class together to tend bees together) and only need one book please use discount code bbc2 once. This will remove the cost of the second book from the total. 

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11/11/17 9:00AM, 01/06/18 9:00AM, 01/27/18 9:00AM, 02/10/18 9:00AM, 03/03/18 9:00AM, 03/17/18 9:00AM, 04/14/18 9:00AM, 05/05/18 9:00AM


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