Online Beginner Beekeeping Class


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Been thinking about keeping bees for years? Don’t know where to start? Attend to our VIRTUAL (COVID-19) beekeeping 101 class, so we can teach you the basics of beekeeping!

This beginner beekeeping class will focus primarily on four topics to help get you started and manage your bees:

  1. What is a honey bee? The Queen, the Worker, and the Drone.
  2. Beekeeping Equipment & How to use it during an inspection
  3. Deciding between a 3 lb Package of Bees and a Nucleus Hive (NUC)
  4. Your First Year in Your Apiary

Class is estimated to take three hours to complete. We have to send you separate login information, so please be patient for our following business day to complete your registration. We will be happy to answer your questions over the phone or via email once you complete the course.