Beetle Jail


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Beetle Jail Baitable: is an “in hive” reusable small hive beetle trap. New features are:

  • This trap has a “patent pending” inner bait compartment.  The bait compartment has separate lid so the beetle cannot get to the bait, but they can smell the bait through vent slots.  A variety of baits may be used, pollen, fruits, even live beetles.  Beetles love to huddle up with other beetles.

A variety of nonpoisonous oils or powders may be used in traps to kill small hive beetles – use Beetle Blaster Oil or food grade diatomaceous earth.  Fill the two larger sections of the traps about 1/3 full of oil or diatomaceous earth. Close the bait compartment lid before closing the main lid.  The traps will hang on the top of a frame in the hive.  The frame may be removed from the hive for inspection without removing the trap.  If the trap is removed, it will sit on its flat bottom without spilling.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1.5 in