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Bee-Pro Dry Bee Food


FD203 mann lake bee pro dry protein pollen sub
FD200 mann lake bee pro dry protein pollen sub

Bee-Pro Dry Bee Food


FD-203 & FD-200


Bee-Pro Dry Bee Food provides your brood with amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Different protein sources contain different amino acid levels; it’s for this reason that a mixture of protein sources should be included in a pollen substitute. A correct amino acid balance is the key to efficient utilization of protein.

Protein quality is determined by its level of essential amino acids. Bee-Pro Dry Bee Food…

  • Can be fed in dry form in a feeder box placed in the yard or made into patties by mixing with high fructose corn syrup or sugar syrup and placed in the hive.
  • Free of all contaminants. Natural pollens may contain pesticide residue and disease carrying bacteria (foulbrood).
  • Can be used for building colonies in late winter or early spring, to prepare for pollination and to maintain or increase brood production prior to and after honey flow.
  • Gives your bees the best nutrients available for the production of larval food.
  • High protein pollen substitute which supplies the lipids, minerals, and B-complex vitamins honey bees need to produce larval food.
  • Specially formulated for the commercial beekeeper who is feeding syrup as the source of carbohydrates in the bee’s diet.

Available in 1 lb. Canisters or 10 lbs. Pails

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1 lb Canister FD-203, 10 lb Pail FD-200


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