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Api Life Var®


Api Life Var®


IPM defense against the Varroa Mite Thymol & Essential Oils (Organic ingredients)


An alternative product for Varroa treatment. It has a top-end efficacy of only 95% and requires a temperature range of 54°F – 95°F (optimal range of 65-85 degrees). Three applications are necessary at 7-10 day intervals. This is not considered a control but a way to manage mite loads below the economic threshold. When treating according to label instructions using 3 wafers per colony and the 10 pack will treat approximately 6 colonies (one pack contains 2 wafers).

Spring, Summer, or Fall treatment for central Virginia. Do not use at temperatures above 95°F.

Treatment needs to be completed (tablets removed) at least one (1) month prior to harvesting honey. Do not use during honey flows. Do not use when surplus honey supers are installed on the hives.

Wear chemical-resistant gloves during installation and removal.

Additional information

Weight.58 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2.5 in

10 Pack (20 Wafers), Single Pack (2 Wafers)


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