8 Frame Super Hive Kit – Painted



8 Frame Super Hive Kit – Painted is an easy beehive kit to expand your apiary. Just add bees! The 8 Frame medium (super) hive is gaining popularity with many beekeepers because of its ease of manipulation, standardization of equipment, and increased success. In his book, The Backyard Beekeeper, Kim Flottum describes the 8 Frame Medium hive as the “hive of the future.” With only one size hive body, frame, and foundation, your beekeeping is greatly simplified. The first time you have to lift a full super you will never regret having switched to 8 Frame Medium hives.

This 8 Frame Hive Kit is an Assembled product composed of the following:

  • 8 Frame Telescoping Cover – Painted
  • 8 Frame Notched Inner Cover w/ Entrance
  • 8 Frame Assembled and Painted Medium Supers (4)
  • 6 1/8″ Assembled Grooved Top Bar/Grooved Bottom Bar Frames with Waxed Rite- cell® Foundation – Yellow (32)
  • 8 Frame Screened Bottom Board with Tray and Entrance Reducer – UNPAINTED

Queen Excluders are sold separately due to their optional nature. We have Metal Queen Excluders, and Plastic Queen Excluders available.

These waxed-coated Rite-cell® foundations are easy to use and require no additional reinforcement, which is handy when it comes to honey extraction using an extractor! Wax moths cannot damage Rite-cell® foundations. If you get an infestation, simply scrape clean and re-wax. Rite-cell® foundations are food grade plastic.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 20 in


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