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5 Frame Deep NUC


5 Frame Deep NUC


For local pick up only in late April 2018 or early May.

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Receive 10% off when ordering 5 or more.

For local pick up only in late April 2018 or early May. The NUC will be comprised of five (5) deep frames with a balance of developing brood, honey, and pollen, plus of course, the bees and one mated Queen.

When your order is placed, we will update you as soon as we have a more specific date that the nucs will be ready for pickup.

NUC will be comprised of at least four (4) drawn frames and possibly one undrawn frame (new foundation) with a combination of brood in various stages, honey and pollen stores, and adults bees plus one mated Queen. All nucs will be state inspected, but always come with a risk of pest and parasite hitchhikers due to this being an active hive.

The pick up location will be in Scottsville, VA. Physical location of NUC yard for pick up will be given to purchasers when we provide a finalized date and will be within three (3) miles of our storefront.

There is not a frame exchange or requirement to return the nuc box (however, we will be happy to take them back if you find your way back to Scottsville to prevent them going to the landfill).

*All sales for NUCs are final and not eligible for refunds due to limited availability. If you fail to pick up your NUC(s) on NUC pick up date without prior arrangement, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. However, after five (5) of no response we will consider your live bees forfeited. 


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