5 Frame Deep Italian NUC


**All sales for Bees are final and not eligible for refunds due to limited availability of nucs each year.**

For local pick-up only. NO SHIPPING.

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5 Frame Deep Italian NUCs are available for reservation for the 2021. We have two estimated pickup dates. Queens are NOT marked.

First pickup is estimated to be available in 3rd week of April. Supplier is Kutik’s out of South Carolina/New York.

Second pickup is estimated to be available in mid-May. Supplier is an experienced Virginia-based beekeeper. Bees are raised the entire year in Virginia.

NUCs require time and proper weather for build up and we cannot control these factors.

NUCs are available local pick up only. The NUC will be comprised of five (5) deep frames with a balance of developing brood, honey, and pollen, plus of course, the bees and one mated Queen. At least four (4) frames will have drawn comb. The nucs will come in either a plastic Pro NUC container (no equipment or frame exchange required).

All nucs are state inspected. Health certificates are available upon request.

The pick up location in the Scottsville area TBD.

*All sales for NUCs are final and not eligible for refunds due to limited availability. By purchasing this product you acknowledge this product is not eligible for refund. If you fail to pick up your NUC(s) on NUC pick up date without prior arrangement, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. However, after two (2) days we will consider your live bees forfeited. Your bees will only be available for pickup on your pickup date (TBD). We do not store live NUCs on the premise and cannot guarantee accommodating you if you miss your specified pickup date. Safe transport home of your bees is your responsibility.

Additional information

Pickup Date

3rd Week of April, Mid-May (Virginia bees)