10 Frame Pro Beginner Kit – Unassembled


Assembled kit shown.

Goatskin Leather Beekeeping Gloves


Economy Beekeeping Jacket



Flexible starter kit for anyone entering their first year of beekeeping and looking for a serious first year! This kits allows you to install a captured swarm, Package of Bees, or a NUC (Nucleus Hive) with room for honey production.

Assemble and add your preferred paint or stain!

The unassembled 10 Frame Pro Beginner Kit is composed of the following:

  • 10 Frame Telescoping Cover
  • 10 Frame Notched Inner Cover
  • 10 Frame Unassembled Medium Honey Super (1)
  • 6 1/8″ Unassembled Grooved Top & Bottom Bar Frames (10)
  • 5 5/8″ Waxed Rite-cell® (Yellow) Foundation (10)
  • 10 Frame Plastic Queen Excluder
  • 10 Frame Unassembled Deep Hive Bodies (2)
  • 9 1/8″ Unassembled Grooved Top & Bottom Bar Frames (20)
  • 8 1/2″Waxed Rite-cell® (Black) Foundation (20)
  • 10 Frame Screened Bottom Board with Tray and Entrance Reducer
  • Boardman Entrance Feeder
  • Economy Beekeeping Jacket with Fencing Veil (Small – XXX-Large)
  • One Pair of Goatskin Leather Gloves (XX-Small – XX-Large)
  • 4″ x 7″ Smoker with Guard/Wood Bellow
  • 1/2 lb. Smoker Fuel
  • Standard Hive Tool
  • Bee Brush

These waxed-coated Rite-cell® foundations are easy to insert into your frames and require no additional reinforcement, which is handy when it comes to honey extraction using an extractor! Wax moths cannot damage Rite-cell® foundations. If you get an infestation, simply scrape clean and re-wax. Rite-cell® foundations are food grade plastic.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 in

10 Frame


Unassembled, Unpainted

Goatskin Leather Beekeeping Gloves

Economy Beekeeping Jacket