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COVID-19 Statement

Updated: November 7, 2020

Dear Scottsville Supply Company Community,

Thank you to all that responded to our survey! We heard you and are reacting to serve your shopping needs better. On Tuesday, November 10th, the Scottsville Supply Company will reopen for you to shop in our store. There will be a limit of 5 customers at any one time. Please be considerate of your fellow customers by only having the necessary individual(s) enter the store.

Per owner mandate and Virginia E.O. 63, face coverings (properly worn masks or shields) are required for entry. If you forget yours, we will have one available for you. Please use our back door and back parking lot for store access until further notice. Curbside pickup orders are still available when placed online or over the phone. You do not have to come into the store if you do not feel comfortable.

The COVID-19 global pandemic severely impacted countless supply chains in March, and the bee industry was not immune. The struggle continues for some manufacturers and some countries to come back online after numerous shutdowns with a backlog of orders yet to be filled. We recommend you check our website for the products you need. If you find it, we should have it in stock. If you do not find it, it is out of stock. We are doing our best not to allow backorders because the restock timelines are unknown in many cases. Bee suits, bee jackets, and beekeeping gloves are still the hardest bee supplies to come by due to their international manufacturing locations.
We are excited to see you all again soon. We appreciate your support of our small business during these trying times. We know you have many several options when order bee supplies, and we are humbled that you choose us. We hope you and your family are well.