Beekeeping Education

Beginner Beekeeping Class

Been thinking about keeping bees for years? Don’t know where to start? Come to our beginner class, so we can teach you the basics of beekeeping!

This beginner class will focus primarily on four topics to help get you started and manage your bees:

  1. What is a HoneyBee? The Queen, the Worker, and the Drone.
  2. Equipment & Inspections
  3. Your First Year in Your Apiary

Class runs 9:00am Р12:00pm.

Our class is held upstairs above our new storefront (as of October 30th, 2018) at 137 East Main Street. Please enter the single door to the right of our double doors at the front of the building and proceed upstairs. A chair lift is available for use as needed. There are no live bees at this course.

Please pre-register due to limited seats.