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About Us

Free shipping on internet orders over $200*!!

The Scottsville Supply Co. is a small, locally-owned bee supply and gift store.

We are a supplier of Mann Lake beekeeping supplies for central Virginia backyard beekeepers though we are happy to support beekeepers throughout the U.S. and ship nationwide. Both in our store and on our online store, you can find products and gifts for everyone! Our inventory includes: honey, honey-based candies, soaps, candles, beeswax polish, seeds, and bee- and farm-related antiques.

We want to ensure every backyard beekeeper in central Virginia has the access to Superior Products, the helpful Knowledge to manage their hives, the Support needed to navigate the year in their beeyard, and Community Connections to find a mentor, fellow beekeeper, or landowner to help support their interests.

During the week you will find Heather (pictured right) keeping shop and serving as the primary beekeeper on staff. It was not until after she and Jennifer started their hives did she learn that her great-great grandfather Peter Hoffman was a beekeeper at his small farm in Pomeroy, Ohio. When you visit our store in Scottsville, be sure to run your hand along the countertop at the register and know that the wood planks came from his farm. As luck would have it, Heather not only had one great-great grandfather that was a beekeeper, but two! Her great-great grandfather Otis Carpenter kept 20 hives on his property in Proctorville, Ohio. Subsequently, her great grandfather and grandfather both also tried their hands at beekeeping.

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