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The Scottsville Supply Co. is a small, locally-owned bee supply and gift store. We are a supplier of beekeeping supplies, education, and bees for backyard beekeepers. We can help you start your first hive or grow your apiary! Our store also has plenty of honey and gifts. We offer FREE SHIPPING on most orders over $250!

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Early Spring Beekeeping

Swarm Management, Mite Control, & Preparing for the Nectar Flow

Mite Control, Preparing for the Nectar Flow, and Swarm Management

Did you successfully overwinter a colony of bees? If so, congratulations! This is not an easy feat. However, do not get complacent in your mite control efforts. We can help our bees have another successful year by ensuring their mite levels at the start of their population increase are as low as possible. We recommend a formic acid-based treatment, such as Mite Away Quick Strips or Formic Pro.

Both of these products are safe with honey supers on the hive, which is critical for the start of the nectar flow. Be sure to watch for indicators of the nectar flow in your area. You will know it has started by talking with other beekeepers in your immediate area, watching for new nectar in brood cells, or white wax formed into fresh burr comb between your boxes.

By supering in a timely fashion, we can help prevent swarms during the spring months. Additionally, we can ensure our hives have good ventilation. At times, some colonies will need their brood boxes reversed to keep the queen lower in the hive with plenty of empty brood cells above her.

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