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The Scottsville Supply Co. is a small, locally-owned bee supply and gift store. We are a supplier of beekeeping supplies, education, and bees for backyard beekeepers. We can help you start your first hive or grow your apiary! Our store also has plenty of honey and gifts. We offer FREE SHIPPING on most orders over $200!

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ww241 ww-241 winter inner cover

Winter Beekeeping

What to do during the winter months to get ready for your bees.

Beekeepers need to be mindful of colony starvation over the next month in Central Virginia. You can provide your colony a limited amount of 2:1 sugar water on warm days if needed. Each colony should have at least 20 to 30 lbs of carbohydrate-based food stores remaining.

Maple trees are starting to bud in central Virginia and provide fresh pollen for your nurse bees. The new food source for the nurse bees means our developing larvae will be receiving a good, nutritious diet. You can still supplement protein over the next month with a dry powder or patty protein feed.

Spring is just around the corner. Next month we should be considering our early spring varroa mite treatment and swarm management.

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