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Variation #2664 of Frame Grip

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frame gripper

Variation #2664 of Frame Grip

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The Ultimate Gripper is made from a high strength glass lled Technopolymer and is designed to ex a little when gripping frame to insure stability, and it has stops to prevent opening too far, for easy gripping, and closing stop to prevent pinching hand. Perfect for lifting frames from supers before uncapping and extraction. Spring is stainless steel for long life. Patent Pending.

  • Grip Handle – best method with thumb facing same direction of hook to facilitate 1-handed operation.
  • Use Blade to separate frames
  • Insert Blade section between frames near end and twist to break propolis/wax bond.
  • Repeat on second side of frame
  • Use Hook to lift frame ears from rabbets on hive body
  • Place Hook under ear and rest gripper plate on adjacent frame and tip back to lift ear off rabbett and break propolis/wax bond.
  • Repeat on second side of frame
  • Use Gripper to lift frames
  • Insert Gripper Plates over center of frame top bar.
  • Squeeze Gripper making sure that hangers on bottom of Gripper Plates¬†are below bottom of top bar.
  • Lift frame straight up
  • Use free hand to hold side of frame before manipulating
  • Extra care should be taken with plastic frames that have thin top bars
  • When done inspecting replace frame in hive body.


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Weight.40 lbs
Dimensions8.75 x 4.75 x 1.5 in

Standard, Ultimate


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