Beekeeping Education

All of our beginner classes for 2017 are now posted for registration!






Winter Workshops:

Beginning Beekeeping Class

The class will focus on four topics to get you started:

  1. What is a Honey Bee? The Queen, Worker, and Drone.
  2. Colony Dynamics.
  3. A year in your bee yard.
  4. Pest Management.

A textbook will be provided as part of the class cost.

Where: Town Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, Victory Hall, 401 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA 24590

When: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM with four Saturdays to choose from (please see our Beginner Beekeeping Item page for dates).

How: Register online or in the store


Intermediate Beekeeping

Heading into your second or third year (or 10th for that matter!) and still trying to figure it out?

This intermediate class will focus primarily on five topics to help get you expand and refine your knowledge:

  1. Early Spring Management
  2. Swarm Management
  3. Splits
  4. Requeening
  5. Dealing with Deadouts and Equipment Storage
  6. Pest Identification and Treatment Options (If time allows based on the students’ needs in early segments. We will offer a Pest & Disease Management Workshop during the summer of 2017.)

Class runs 9:00am – 12:00pm. This class is classroom-based only during to seasonal temperatures in Virginia during the month of February. No live bees or hives to be used during this workshop.

Our class is held in cooperation with the Town of Scottsville. We conduct the workshops on the 2nd floor of Victory Hall in the Town Council Chamber, which located at 401 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA 24590.